Thailand Methodist Mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Petrie Memorial,

Thank you for your faithful support of the Thailand Methodist Mission.  Through your prayers and generosity, 2016 was a blessed year.
In 2016, your generosity helped to:
  • Increase the number of children served at the Blessing Home centers to over 300 souls;
  • Open 2 new churches in counties that never had a Christian church before;
  • Construct 5 new church buildings for Pioneer Pastor churches including the new Blessing Home TaPhraya center;
  • Pilot a new ministry in 4 churches called Bright Future Savings Groups, which helps train families in financial skills so they can save money together and pull themselves out of poverty.
We know the Lord will continue to bless this mission in 2017 because of the prayers of God’s people like you.  You are making an eternal difference in the lives of Thai people.
Yours in Christ,
Mike and Sherri Morrissey