Church Closings

Greetings all!
I pray this email finds you all doing well! I am forwarding you a message from Bishop Fairley. He is urging and requesting us to CANCEL services for the next 2 weeks (March 15 and 22). It is a difficult decision and I appreciate his willingness to put the most vulnerable of us above the rest. We WILL CANCEL services (both morning and POPs) for the next 2 weeks at Petrie. Hopefully we will be back together, in person, on March 29. Please continue to join with me in prayer around those who have been and likely will be infected with COVID-19. Pray that in this season of Lent we may hold fast to the grace and love of Christ that dwells in us richly.
I plan to facebook livestream a homily (short sermon to the great rejoicing of all…haha) the next couple of weeks. I will certainly plan to be in the office during the next couple of weeks and would be more than happy to pray with and/or speak with anyone who simply misses our time together.
This cancellation will also include PM@PM events as well, however, we will likely figure out a way to help feed some of our children and youth who attend regularly (plans on this will be pending).
Thank you all for your understanding and prayer around this.
God bless!

Matt Seel, Pastor of Petrie Memorial UMC